Penkridge 5aside football league risk assessment


1. Penkridge 5aside track and trace system all players must be registered to the system or want to be allowed to play.

2. No supporters at all.

3. Please make sure you wash your hands before playing and after playing football.

4. Please bring your own football for kick about before starting your game.

5. No shaking hands after the game.

6. There are no throw ins, the ball in must be kicked in when leaving the field of play.

7. All players must wear the same colour tops on their team.

8. Players must be 1 meter from referees and staff at all times.

9. Teams must let teams leave the field of play before entering for their game to limit contact with other teams and players.

10. Players must be 1 metre from opponent players at all times.

Covid 19 health and declaration guidelines from the government that Penkridge 5aside football league are using to help the fight against Covid 19.


1. Teams and players taking part and staff do not have Covid 19 symptoms.

2. Players and staff have not received a positive test in the last seven days.

3. Players and staff are not waiting on coronavirus tests results.

4. No member of your house has cCvid 19 symptoms or are waiting for a test or has had a test that's shown to be positive.

5. To the best of your knowledge you have not been in contact with any one with Covid symptoms or has tested positive with Covid 19.

6. All players and staff are expected to social distance where possible to keep everybody safe at all times.

7. By playing in the Penkridge 5aside football league we are keeping to the government Covid 19 guidelines and health declaration.